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About the Million Mile Walking Challenge:

It’s all about increasing your step count, getting fitter and feeling good. Did you know, if your step count is less than 5,000 steps a day you could be at greater risk of some illnesses?

But by incorporating some simple lifestyle changes, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus one stop earlier or walking to work you can easily improve your health.

This year we have a challenge as a community to walk a Million Miles.

Don’t worry you don’t have to walk 10,000 steps a day. Why not just aim to up your average and become more active across the 50-days.


Important dates:

The Walking Challenge starts on 13 May to 1 July 2019.

Your final step entry needs to be made by Friday 5 July 2019 at 5pm.



The registration fee is £10 per person. There is an optional pedometer included in the fee. If required, please select the box during registration.

You can join as an individual or as part of a team (maximum six) at any time during The Challenge. Please note; you can only be part of one team.


Start a team:

When you select this option you will be the Team Captain and you’ll need to choose the team name. Once you've completed your registration you will have the option on your My Walking Page to invite (up to five) team members to join your team. You can also manage your team member's invitation with a resend, edit and delete function.


Join a team:

When you’ve received an invitation email from a Team Captain you can click on the link in the email which will automatically link you to the correct team and department. Alternately you can search for a team name when clicking on the 'Join a Team' icon on The Walking Challenge home page.

The Team Captain will confirm your entry to the team and will have your email to contact you during The Challenge.



When registering for The Walking Challenge you will create a password and use this to access your personal My Walking Page (where you enter your steps).


My Walking Page:

Login to your personal My Walking Page using your username/email and password. It's here you enter your steps and find a dashboard that converts your steps to miles, shows the average distance walked as well as the distance badges you've earned. You can also edit all your registration details using the 'My Account' tab on your My Walking Page.


Walker profile page:

This shows your distance progress and can be searched from the home page by supporters to follow your walking progress.


How to measure and enter steps:

You can use a pedometer or App to record your daily step count. There are lots of free Apps available for smart phones, and devices such as Fitbit that will measure your steps. Although you can use these devices to record your steps, you’ll need to enter the number accumulated daily on your My Walking Page.  

The Walking Challenge website does not integrate Strava, Mapmyfitness and Fitbit.

An optional pedometer is available when registering. NB: If you are in a team we’ll post pedometers to the registered Team Captain for distribution. This helps keep the postage costs to a minimum.


Entering steps:

Record your steps over a 24 hour period and enter the amount on your My Walking Page the day after. Be careful not to add extra zeros, by mistake! Once your steps have been entered or at the beginning of each day re-set your pedometer to zero. The Walking Challenge Team may ask you to verify large step entries as we operate a leaderboard.

Login to your My Walking Page, choose a day on the calendar you wish to enter a step and click edit, enter your step amount and click save. Your steps will then be converted into miles and roll up into your team and department totals. You can amend your step entries for the last seven days only. Should you need to go back further than this, for instance if you have been on holiday, please contact The Walking Challenge Team who can amend for a further 14 days.  

We want The Walking Challenge to be as inclusive as possible. If you're a wheelchair user, you can still take part with a wheelchair odometer. Just like the pedometers used by our walkers, an odometer measures the distance covered in your wheelchair. Basic digital odometers designed for bicycles can be used and adapted as necessary. Make sure you've calibrated it to your tyre size. The standard wheelchair tyre diameter is 24 inches, but you may wish to measure your tyres beforehand just to be sure. The general instructions provided with your odometer should tell you all you need to know, but most bicycle shops should help you.

Once you’ve registered let us know that you are taking part using an odometer and we'll send you a simple formula to convert the distance travelled into steps, which you then add to your My Walking Page.



Individual and team leaderboards will be updated at 3pm each day (work days only excluding bank holidays) and can be accessed from a link on the The Walking Challenge Home Page. Leaderboards are verified to the best of our ability at the time of posting. Find yourself or a team by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard and then entering the name you wish to search for.

The Walking Challenge Home Page displays the total number of walkers and teams registered and the total amount of miles walked by everyone.

The Walking Challenge Home Page will show the total amount raised by everyone. The total raised from The Walking Challenge will be announced at the end of The Challenge and will include registration fees and donations.

Department Leaderboard:

This shows all Departments and Agencies taking part in The Walking Challenge with the number of walkers, teams and amount raised against each from registrations.

For verification purposes: 10,000 steps equates to 4.5 miles which is 2,222 steps per mile.


Badges, awards and certificates:

There are seven badges to collect throughout The Challenge. You’ll earn badges by completing the pre-set milestones as you progress through The Challenge. Your badges will show on your Walker’s Profile Page (public facing page) and your My Walking Page.

At the end of The Challenge, we’ll send you a digital certificate showing how far you walked and your final position on the individual leader board and a team certificate. Unfortunately we are unable to send out hard copies of certificates. 

Awards will be made in the following categories:

  • the team with the highest step-count for each team size 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • the top three individuals with the highest step count
  • the department with the highest step count
  • the agency with the highest step count
  • the top fundraising team
  • the top fundraising individual
  • special achievement award sponsored by The Civil Service Insurance Society


We hope you will fundraise during The Walking Challenge, we are your Charity, here to help serving, former and retired civil servants when times are tough. In 2018 people came to us for help over 48,000 times. Last year our walkers generated an amazing £53,000 that helped towards the following.

  • £250 could replace a broken cooker
  • £100 could provide bereavement support
  • £75 could support a carer whose parent has dementia
  • £50 could provide a food basket for a family in financial crisis
  • £25 could provide access to Law Express for advice on a tenancy dispute
  • £10 could help to top up someone's gas and electricity with enough to cook and heat themselves over a weekend 
  • £5 could pay for ten booklets to help with anxiety and stress

As you can see your fundraising can change lives for the better and we’ve suggested a fundraising target of £100.

Fundraising ideas:

  • team effort: organise some group activities such a quiz or karaoke night or a sponsored walk
  • cake sales: why not whip up some flap jacks; not only will it give you energy for a big walk it can boost your fundraising too!
  • achieving sponsorship of 5p per mile, during the 50-day challenge, from just one person, would raise £112! 
  • recipes to inspire! Cook up a batch of healthy recipes; get colleagues to eat and donate

We’ve set up a Walking Challenge Campaign page to collect your donations. You can easily create your own Justgiving Page - set a target and share with everyone! Just follow these simple steps:

  • click the link to take you to our branded campaign page
  • once there, click the orange 'Start Fundraising' button
  • on your options page, select the 'Doing your own thing', 'Personal Challenge' blue button with the light bulb image
  • fill in your details and create your own page
  • make sure to share it on social media when you post and email it to your friends and family for support

Sponsorship forms and banking slips are available upon request. You can also use our website homepage Donate button to pay in Walking Challenge donations.

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Offline donations:

If someone gives you a cash or cheque donation please send directly to:
The Walking Challenge Team
The Charity for Civil Servants
5 Anne Boleyn’s Walk

Cheques should be made payable to The Charity for Civil Servants.

Or you can pay by credit/debit card over the phone by calling 0208 240 2442/2448.

If donations are eligible for Gift Aid please request a sponsorship form and ask your donor/s to complete. Please advise your name and Justgiving page address (if you have one) for our records.


Health and safety:

If you have a medical condition that may be exacerbated by physical activity, please see your doctor before starting The Walking Challenge.

For example, if you:

  • have a known heart condition or have had a stroke 
  • have any chest pains, particularly if brought on during exercise 
  • have ever become dizzy or passed out during exercise 
  • get very breathless during mild exertion
  • are worried that a joint or back problem may be made worse by increasing your physical activity levels

There is a wealth of good advice about personal safety, highway code for walkers, keeping hydrated and even how to prevent and treat blisters available here.


Social media:

Share with your friends, family and colleagues via social media using #WalkToWellbeing. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email to ask them to support you and follow your progress.

We also have a private Walking Challenge Facebook group for registered walkers. This is a great way to build on our walking community.



All participants enter The Walking Challenge entirely at their own risk and The Charity for Civil Servants shall not be liable for any injury damage or loss to participants or their property that might occur as a result of their participation.