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Brian's story

27 March 2019

When asked about his wife Nicole, Brian told us that she is the most amazing person he has ever met. Since her diagnosis of a rare, incurable illness, he does his best to make her realise this for herself every single day.

When Nicole went to the doctors about her bad eyesight, she was told that she had a degenerative medical condition called Usher Syndrome. This causes gradual sight and hearing loss and there is no known cure. Ever since the diagnosis, her husband Brian has cared for her whilst juggling a full time job with the Civil Service. Although Nicole’s guidedog Lily and two daughters were a huge help, Brian’s caring responsibilities became overwhelming. 

“I was really struggling to balance work and caring for my wife. My manager saw how upset I was and recommended getting in touch with the Charity. She said they provided something called a Carer’s Passport which could help both of us understand the type of support I needed. She was right.”

The Carer's Passport is a document we can provide carers and their line managers which highlights how the individual's responsibilities impact their work. When Brian received his, he no longer had to explain his personal situation in intricate detail within every new professional relationship. Since receiving help from the Charity, he has made it his personal goal to unite our lifelong community and encourage individuals to support one another.

“It makes me feel so proud when I hear about the efforts people have gone to in raising funds for the Charity. It shows that civil servants are conscious of the needs of others and are willing to go the extra mile. Knowing that I have benefited from fundraising only reaffirms what I already knew - civil servants care.” 

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